Thursday, August 25, 2016

Elena of Avalor - New Designs & Color Inspiration

Hey everyone!
Guess who finally made her appearance, exciting little ones everywhere.
It's the all new Princess Elena of Avalor!

She's finally here and everyone LOVES her, including my daughter.
(she's already learned all of the words to the theme song)
Disney has done an amazing job with the new Princess and I just fell in love with the
theme and the colors of the show.

I knew once I very first heard about her, that I was going to create an invitation for the new theme. Little girls everywhere will soon be asking for an Elena of Avalor birthday party!
Invitations and decorating ideas are already flooding pinterest. I started a new board
and have been saving a few pins myself.
Princess Elena

But first I had to nail down  the colors that I wanted to use to make the theme really stand out and represent the show. I loved the reds and the gold and decided that the blue would
make a very pretty accent color. To create this palette, I turned to my favorite resource for color inspiration at

You can freestyle a palette, or use colors other users have created and saved.
But my favorite is the Photocopa tool, it allows you to create a palette by using a photo. You can upload a photo or search directly from FLICKR images within the tool.
I found a promotional photo of Elena on google,
copied the image location link, and then added it to the app.

From there I proceeded to pick out the colors I thought would work the best and saved it to my palettes. The colors just seemed to really make the invitation pop!

I created an invitation and decided to include her little sister as well.
This invitation could easily work for 2 sisters sharing a birthday party.
Princess Isabel is such an adorable character, I felt it was only fitting to include her!

Oh and of course there had to be a coordinating thank you card. How pretty is that!
For a limited time I'm offering it for free along with the purchase of the invitation.

The invitation and thank you card are available for purchase at my Shop

I hope you enjoyed this post and like what you see.
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